What does it mean to be a 401(k) Superhero?

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Hey, everybody. It's Jonathan and Sarah, back with another 401(k) Superhero video. Today we are going to talk about what exactly does it mean to be a 401(k) Superhero. But first, let me ask you a question.

So, Jonathan, you are the originator of the 401(k) Superhero movement. So tell us, what exactly does it mean to be a 401(k) Superhero?

So, you know what's interesting? I actually heard a statistic the other day that I think drives at home, and that statistic was that the average person spends more time planning for one annual vacation than they do their entire retirement.

Think about how powerful that is, right? Becoming a 401(k) Superhero is not being that statistic. It's doing what you need to do so that you can have a comfortable retirement.

So often you have benefits, like your health insurance, and you pay the premiums, you cross your fingers and hope you never use it. Your 401(k) benefit is that one benefit we dream of using one day.

So, becoming a 401(k) Superhero is having a plan to utilize that, so you can have a comfortable retirement when that time comes. That's what it means to me. But let me let me throw it back to you, Sarah. What are your thoughts around becoming a 401(k) Superhero?

Yeah, Jonathan, when I have been out talking to hundreds of participants over the years, I used to have this visual that popped up that was a picture of someone with their fingers crossed. I would always say that hoping for a good retirement or praying for a good retirement, is not a good retiring saving strategy.

So, I think being a 401(k) Superhero means being informed, learning what you need to learn in order to make good decisions about saving, spending a little time carving out more time planning for retirement than you might plan for a vacation, for example.

And then, changing your habits a bit by bit so that not just saving for the long term, but making good money decisions in your day to day life to set you up to be able to make those good long term decisions is what it means to be a 401(k) Superhero.

So, we're all about sharing knowledge and tips and helping participants do that through our 401(k) Superhero program.

I think that's a good point, right? It's not just about the 401(k), it's also about your personal finances. Are you doing the right things to your personal finances to be able to save more to put in 401(k) so you can become a 401(k) Superhero?

Hey guys, listen, here's a thing. If you want to know what you need to do to have a comfortable retirement and become a 401(k) Superhero to your future self, then let's have a conversation.

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