Is Financial Stress Killing Your Employees?

Learn what you could do to help educate your employees on their finances and reduce their stress.


Keeping Meeting Minutes

In this video you will learn why keeping committee meeting minutes is so important.

Your Retirement Plan as a Business Tool

Watch the video to listen to Jonathon explain how your retirement plan can actually be used as a business tool.

Cyber Security

What things can you do to help protect your employees 401k or 403b accounts? Watch the video below.

Limiting Your Liability

Listen to Jonathon explain how the DOL suggests employers can limit their liability. Click the button below!

Solving the 401(k) Puzzle

Solving the 401k puzzle is easier than the Rubik's cube. Jonathon can help with both!

Increase Your Deferral Rates

Watch the video to find out Jonathon's 3 tips to increase deferral rates in your company's plan.

Employee Education

Watch the video to find out why education your employees is so important.

The Value of Benchmarking Your Plan

Click the link below to learn the value of benchmarking your retirement plan.

Managing Your Fiduciary Responsibility

Jonathon explains 5 fiduciary responsibilities you have as a plan sponsor. Watch the video to learn more.

Step Two: Optimize Your Plan

Jonathon explains the second step in the five step process to becoming a 401k Superhero to your employees.

Step One: Analyze Your Plan

Why is it important to analyze your retirement plan? Watch the video to find out!

Benchmarking Plan Design

How can benchmarking plan design help you? Watch the video to find out!

How to Become a 401k Superhero to Your Employees

What does it mean to become a 401k Superhero to your Employees? Watch the video to find out!

Monitor Your 401k Loans

Help your employees be better employees. Watch the video below to hear Jonathon explain why you should monitor your company's 401k loans.

Benchmarking Your Plan

Have you benchmarked your retirement plan? Watch the video to find out the benefits of doing this every couple years.

Liability or Asset?

Is your company's retirement plan a fiduciary liability? What if you could change your plan into a fiduciary asset instead of a liability? Watch the video to learn more.

Stretching the Match

What does this mean? Listen how this simple strategy can look like an added benefit to your employees and gets them to save more.

Impact of Financial Stress

How much is your employee's financial stress costing your company? It's more than you think. Watch the video to learn more.