Liability or Asset?

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The real question is how do you turn your 401k from a liability into an asset and become a 401k superhero to your employees. That is the question and these videos will give you the answer. I’m Jonathon Schultheiss and welcome to the Ultimate 401k Advantage videos.

Today so many companies are focused on their fiduciary responsibility. And rightfully so, considering the fee lawsuits are on the rise for 401(k) plans.

However, when you only see your 401(k) plan as a fiduciary liability you lose focus on the true value of what it can do for your company.

You see, your 401(k) could be that one benefit that if used properly, could be one of your biggest assets and give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

Think about this for a second, if you could use your 401(k) as a tool that provides your employees with financial literacy education and teaches them how to manage their finances in a way that allows them to save more for retirement, do you think they might be more productive employees?

Of course!

According to the, about half of US workers are dealing with financial stress and it’s costing employers billions in lost productivity.

What if your 401(k) was a tool that could be used to educate your employees on their basic finances, reduce their stress, and could ultimately increase your employee productivity?

Here’s three things you can do to turn your 401(k) from a liability to an asset.

1. Create an employee education plan for your 401(k)

2. Add gamification to your 401(k) plan

3. Team up with an advisor that can offer personal financial advice to your employees

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