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Last week I had a conversation with an employee of a company that we handle their retirement plan.

This participant had watched one of the videos we did and had some questions.

They clicked the link below the video to schedule a time to talk.

Today I want to tell you about how we helped them save money and helped them become a 401k superhero to their future self and how you can do the same.

But first, let me ask you a question.

The question is, how do you as a 401k or 403b participant become a 401k superhero to your future self?

That is the question, and these videos will give you the answers. Hey, I’m Jonathon Schultheiss and welcome to the Becoming a 401k superhero videos.

So this participant scheduled a time to talk with us.

The question was around how to pay off their mortgage faster.

They had watched my video on how making one extra payment would help you pay off your mortgage in less time.

However, they wanted to know specifically about paying down their mortgage to eliminate the PMI, private mortgage insurance.

Here’s what I told them.

The recent rise in the housing market may have given them enough equity to be able to eliminate the PMI right now.

I told them that they could call their mortgage company and ask for a waiver of the PMI based on this.

The next thing we talked about was the interest rate they were paying on their car loan.

We talked about reaching out to their credit card company to see if they offered car loans.

I get offers all the time from my credit card company to refinance my car and if they had a good payment history with the credit card company, they might even get a much better rate.

So I received an email a week later letting me know that they refinanced their car at half their current interest rate and they just submitted the waiver on their PMI.

This could reduce their expense by around $200 a month just by making these simple changes.

This person is becoming a 401k superhero to their future self.

That got me thinking.

First, I wanted to share this to help others.

And second, how many people have questions that they maybe have never taken the time to schedule a meeting with us to ask?

If you have a financial question that you would like to have answered and others might find value in it, then shoot me an email and we will create a video around your question without using your name or anything specific.

Otherwise, if you want to have a conversation on how we can help you, then click on the link above and let us help you become a 401k superhero to your future self today!