The Credit Card Points Game

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Don’t fall victim to the credit card points game.

Today we get all kinds of credit card offers in the mail. These offers are trying to trick us with cash back points.

We even see commercials on the TV promoting how it’s ok to spend because of the cash back points.

Here’s the thing, how do you think they pay for those cash back points?

That’s what I want to talk about today. But first, let me ask you a question.

The question is, how do you as a 401k or 403b participant become a 401k superhero to your future self?

That is the question, and these videos will give you the answers. Hey, I’m Jonathon Schultheiss and welcome to the Becoming a 401k superhero videos.

We hear all kinds of stories of how people have used credit card point hacks to cheat the system.

In fact, I met a guy who used a credit card and bought coins directly from the US mint, then took them to the bank and deposited them to use to pay off the credit card.

He did all of this just for the points, when he was only 17 years old, using his moms credit card. Crazy right!

Here’s the thing, for every story like that you hear, what you don’t hear is the people who just get deeper and deeper into the credit card debt.

Did you know that if you have $5,000 on a credit card with 24%, and you only make the minimum payment, it would take you 19 ½ years to pay it off and you would pay back over $13,000?

That’s 2 and a half times the amount you spent.

Now think about this, if 1 out of 5 people actually took advantage of the credit card points game, and the rest just kept racking up more debt, the credit card companies are making billions of dollars off this.

If you’re one of the suckers not paying off your credit card every month, then you’re paying for the ones that are taking advantage of this game.

So here’s the thing, don’t fall victim to thinking it’s ok to spend on your credit card, if you can’t pay it off, just because you think you’re getting cash back points.

Those 1% or 2% cash back points could be costing you 24% interest.


If you do have some extra credit card debt and want some tips on how you can get rid of it, then can I suggest you get a copy of my book Focused.

I also have resources on the FOCUSED book website that you can use.

Because when you get your debt in check and you can save more for your future, then you are truly becoming a 401k Superhero to your future self.