The Difference Between Winners and Losers

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Today I want to talk about the difference between winners and losers.   


And especially when it comes to our personal finances.    


So not too long ago I was meeting with an executive at a company that we manage their retirement plan.  He had some debt and he asked me to help put together a “get out of debt” plan if you will.  


I was shocked at the level of credit card debt he had.  But we put together a plan to get rid of it over the next three years.   


About nine months later I was looking over some 401k reports and I saw that he had taken another 401k loan.   


I happened to run into him at a meeting and he brought it up.  He said it was just too hard trying to get his finances in shape. 


This reminded me of a quote that I heard a long time ago.  It was a quote about the difference between winners and losers.   


It goes like this.  The difference between winners and losers is that winners are just losers that never gave up.   


Think about that for a second.  Winners are just losers that never gave up.  When we start something new, we not the best at it.  In fact, we often fail on our first attempt.  Think about the first time you rode a bike, or first time you went swimming.  You probably weren’t good at either of those were you? 


But you kept trying.  Until one day you were jumping ramps or jumping off the high dive.   


Why do we think getting our finances in order would be any different.  We’re all going to have set backs.  We only lose when we quit trying, when we give up.   


I shared with this person the encouragement to keep trying.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint.    


The best way to become a 401k Superhero to your future self is to never quit trying, never give up.  Look at failing as part of the process and keep trying.          

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